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Technical Resume

David C. Martin
P.O. Box 25331, SJO-3630, Miami, FL 33102-5331 
+1-281-306-2101   Email: 

  • Excellent technical ability
  • Highly effective interpersonal skills
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Pragmatic and results oriented
  • Flexible and highly adaptable
  • Customer service centered
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills



Network Systems Analyst for Protos Systems, a managed services provider, monitoring health and performance of large computer networks and web servers, from Nov 2000 to April 2001. Problem analysis and resolution, system administration and system monitoring using the HP OpenView system. Defining process flow, developing administration and reporting systems. Developed internal Knowledge Base. Extensive web development of both internal and external web-based resources and databases, and customer service in a strong team environment.


System Administrator for the Boeing CSRC central helpdesk from Nov 1997 to Nov 2000. Administering a Teknokron Infoswitch, Unix based, Automated Call Distribution system and VRU, and a network of PCs running NT Workstation 4.0 and SMS. Maintained, tested, and updated login scripting for all the help center production machines. Planned, tested, and rolled out new software images for the various levels and groups of analysts in the help center. Planned and carried out several upgrades, moves, and modifications of the help center hardware and communications networking systems. Monitored and addressed call load balancing issues between two call centers. Troubleshooting routing problems. Developed, implemented, and communicated computing and administrative access policies for the CSRC. Created and maintained an Intranet website for the CSRC Workstation Support team. Installed and maintained a variety of test and training machines with Win95, Win98, Mac OS, Solaris, and Single Glass for the use of the help center analysts. Worked with the Remedy based BARS system. Systems Analyst with Boeing Feb 1997 to Nov 1997. Supporting a wide variety of desktop and mainframe software and equipment. Troubleshooting networking issues, resetting passwords, re-setting network devices. Assisted with the integration of the ISDS helpdesk into the CSRC. Team Lead with Keane Corp. July 1996 to Feb. 1997. Supervised 2 teams of support engineers (supporting Microsoft Windows 95), both of which performed in the upper 1/3, or higher, of our group during the time I was in the Team Lead role. Technical Support Engineer with Keane from March to July 1996. Technical Representative with Offshore Survey, Inc., a high technology marine defense contractor. Assisting customers, making sales calls, liaison with U. S. Government agencies. Prepared proposals and bids; planned training courses; and handled marketing and technical correspondence. South American Field Representative for Wesmar, an electronics manufacturer. In charge of representing the company in South and Central America. Assisted customers in the installation of our equipment and conducted training sessions in the operation of the equipment. Considerable experience in customer service working with the general public and with corporate and government customers.


Have broad experience with MS DOS 3 through 6.22, Windows 3.1, 3.11, WFW 3.11, Novell, Windows 95 & 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000. Some experience with Solaris and Linux and the Aspect ACD. Have extensive experience configuring printers and other peripherals to operate with a wide variety of programs and the above mentioned operating systems. Also have experience supporting and working with MS Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, WordPerfect, Rumba Office, Visio, Canvas, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, FrontPage, DreamWeaver, FireWorks, PaintShop Pro, Lotus, Visual Basic, Quick Basic, LapLink, Internet programs, a variety of NT resource kit utilities, HTML editors, communication programs, graphics programs, multimedia, backup and compression utilities, and a wide variety of other miscellaneous applications and utilities. Have both operated, upgraded, and repaired a variety of PCs and PC based peripherals. Have operated networked Apple Macintosh computers and peripherals. Designed and setup a local area network for the Women’s Refugee Alliance, a Seattle based non-profit organization.


Web Developer and member of Boeing "BOSS" web based knowledge base team for Boeing People Systems from June 2001 to April 2002. Maintaining a complex JavaScript based knowledge base site consisting of over 2000 pages of personnel support information. Extensive work and experience with Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Clearcase. Designed, implemented, and have been webmaster the following Internet web sites:


As a Technical Writer for Boeing Military Aircraft Co. (working through Volt Technical Services) I rewrote a bid specification into a purchase specification for a 25 million dollar autoclave system used for manufacturing composite components for the B2 Bomber. Have created web-based technical tip sheets to assist users in configuring applications and carrying out effective searches for technical information.


Research Assistant to U. S. Congressman Don Bonker. Attended and assisted at congressional hearings, carried out research on issues of concern to the Congressman and his Administrative Assistant, wrote papers, prepared analysis, and handled correspondence with constituents.


Operations Manager for Emerald Resource Management, managing logistical support for two 3000 ton factory trawlers employing 300 personnel, operating in the Bering Sea. Supervised the personnel and purchasing departments. Also served as operations manager for Coastal Transportation, Inc., a marine transportation company operating freighters in service to Alaska. Hired and supervised a team of up to 30 people unloading and loading freighters carrying millions of dollars worth of perishable cargo. Owner's Representative for three shipyard periods in Seattle shipyards. Wrote shipyard repair specifications, solicited bids, awarded and administered contracts, supervised shipyard work, negotiated billing disagreements. Also acted as warehouse and cargo supervisor and purchasing agent.


In charge of officers and crew as Captain of the 257-ft. freighter SUNMAR SKY (2800 tons displacement). Captain of the cruise ship SPIRIT of ALASKA, supervised a team of 20 in providing a highly customer service oriented wilderness cruising experience for our guests. Relief Captain/Chief Mate on Oil Spill Recovery Vessel WASHINGTON RESPONDER. Managed 21-person deck department as Chief Mate aboard the 680-ft. factory ship SS OCEAN PHOENIX. Supervised the deck department consisting of 6 deckhands and 2 ship's officers as department head and second in command of R/V ROBERT D. CONRAD. Four years in U.S. Coast Guard, three as a non-commissioned officer in the navigation and operations departments aboard High Endurance Cutters and Icebreakers.


Twenty-four years of seagoing experience, 13 years as a Licensed Merchant Marine Officer, 3 years as captain. Have sailed in many capacities from deckhand to captain. Broad experience in operating a wide variety of vessels from the Arctic and the Tropics, to the Antarctic. Extensive experience sailing Alaskan waters from Dixon Entrance to St. Matthew Island. Hold a USCG License as Master 1600 Gross Tons, Master of 5000 Gross Ton Uninspected Fishing Vessels, and Chief Mate of Ocean Steam or Motor Vessels of Any Gross Tons. Also hold Reciprocal Pilotage for Western Canadian waters.


Have operated the following equipment:
Radar systems; ARPA systems; Transit Satellite navigation systems; GMDSS communications systems; GPS navigation systems; integrated navigation systems; LORAN C; Sonar systems; Satellite communications systems; Telex; SSB radiotelephones; VHF-FM radios; IBM, Apple, Silicon Graphics, and VAX computer systems utilizing a wide variety of general and specialized software. Am very well versed in all manner of technology, and have great facility in learning new programs and systems.


Spanish: very fluent (speak, read, and write).
Have had extensive experience in multi-cultural, multi-ethnic settings in a variety of countries from South America to Asia and Polynesia and from Europe to the Middle East and Africa.

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