The Online Sculpture Gallery of David C. Martin

Drawing upon his many years observing wildlife while traveling to the remote wild corners of the planet, aboard scientific research vessels, David Martin sculpts and handbuilds a variety of animals such as bears, seals, otters, penguins, pelicans, hippos, rhinos, and fanciful giant colored slugs.  David works primarily in high fire clays and glazes.   Currently on hiatus from ceramics, David lives in  San Jose, Costa Rica.

His work was sold exclusively by the Orcas Island Pottery, the oldest pottery in the Northwest United States.

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P1280639.jpg (52449 bytes)
Seal Pup
P1280636.jpg (64509 bytes)
Side View
P3260633.jpg (80704 bytes)
P3260637.jpg (68340 bytes)
PB280633.jpg (196875 bytes)
Sleeping Seals
PB280634.jpg (172093 bytes)
Seals - front
PB280650.jpg (286449 bytes)
PB280646.jpg (215207 bytes)
Seal w/ fish
PB280641.jpg (233148 bytes)
Fishing Bear -left
PB280640.jpg (261196 bytes)
Fishing Bear -right
PB280643.jpg (218914 bytes)
Otter eating starfish
Griz.jpg (26999 bytes)
Grizzly face
bear_fish_grn.jpg (50452 bytes)
Bear w/ fish
bears1.jpg (56853 bytes)
Wrestling Bears
spottedseal.jpg (17786 bytes)
Spotted Seal
hippo0005.jpg (37235 bytes)
Purple glazed Hippo
seaotterstar.jpg (62437 bytes)
Sea Otter w/ Starfish
bear_fish.jpg (50579 bytes)
Big Bear w/ fish
bear_fish1.jpg (54511 bytes)
Big Bear detail
spotted_slug.jpg (52887 bytes)
Spotted Slug
3gators.jpg (47043 bytes)
Three Gators 
lawn_gator.jpg (55775 bytes)
Lawn Gator
walrus.jpg (48012 bytes)
multi_slugs.jpg (57258 bytes)
Herd of Slugs
seaotter.jpg (46559 bytes)
Sea Otter
bearseal.jpg (14922 bytes)
White Seal and Red Bear
bear1.jpg (16671 bytes)
Closeup of Red Bear
seal4.jpg (11647 bytes)
Closeup of White Seal
harborseal.jpg (49976 bytes)
Harbor seal
elephseals.jpg (24093 bytes)
Unglazed elephant seals
bigotter.jpg (23178 bytes)
sealhead.jpg (26529 bytes)
Large sleeping seal
bigotter2.jpg (18337 bytes)
sleepyseal.jpg (17273 bytes)
Black seal

blueslug.jpg (27932 bytes)

Giant cobalt slug
llama.jpg (14906 bytes)
Unglazed llama
blackcrow.jpg (20746 bytes)
Black NW Indian style crow
redbear.jpg (10694 bytes)
Red bear
bigseal.jpg (47319 bytes)
Big seal
brwncrow.jpg (22395 bytes)
Temuku crow

multislugs.jpg (34162 bytes)
Multicolored slugs (8" long)

slugfest.jpg (38402 bytes)
Fun with giant colorful slugs!


drkslug.jpg (17551 bytes)

Giant colorful slugs!

slugs.jpg (23560 bytes)

More slugs!


slugdown.jpg (19712 bytes)
Slug going over edge of table (14" long)

seal.jpg (20506 bytes)
Sleeping seal.


hippo.jpg (25781 bytes)
Dark purple hippo and rhino cousin.


rhino.jpg (27145 bytes)
Closeup of the Rhino


51370_15.jpg (52123 bytes)
Another view of the rhino


lion.jpg (33781 bytes)


bear.jpg (19367 bytes)
Unglazed sitting bear 
blk_bear.jpg (10912 bytes)
Black bear

big_bear.jpg (19945 bytes)
Big bear, drying before firing


otters.jpg (21742 bytes)
River otters

whales.jpg (43937 bytes)

NW indian style orcas, a bear, a penguin, and a slender seal.

whales2.jpg (31250 bytes)

Another view of the same as above.


hippos.jpg (32196 bytes)

hippos2.jpg (38072 bytes)
Green and Black Hippos


stoneybear.jpg (54097 bytes)

Old Moonlight glazed bear
stoneybear2.jpg (42574 bytes) stoneybear3.jpg (40643 bytes)

sharkbox.jpg (39165 bytes)
Hammerhead shark box

3boxes.jpg (43622 bytes)
Hippo box and 2 rhino sugar bowls


rhinobowl.jpg (30277 bytes)
Rhino sugar bowl, top, and inside
rhinotop.jpg (38680 bytes)

rhinoinside.jpg (34021 bytes)
grnrhinobowl.jpg (30784 bytes)
Oribe green rhino sugar bowl
hippobox.jpg (31653 bytes)
Hippo box
rhino1.jpg (36336 bytes)
Tiny 3" long rhino
rhino2.jpg (65844 bytes) polarbears.jpg (27676 bytes)
Polar bear  wall hanging bas relief
dancingman.jpg (29935 bytes)
Dancing man wall hanging sculpture
dancingman3.jpg (58138 bytes) dancingwoman.jpg (26436 bytes)
Dancing woman bas relief
dancingwoman2.jpg (16846 bytes)

Visit  Orcas Island Pottery , the oldest pottery in the Northwest.

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